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The Bridge Project is New York City’s first guaranteed income program. Launched in June 2021 by The Monarch Foundation, the Bridge Project is designed to support low-income mothers in New York City during the first 1,000 days of their children’s lives by providing them with consistent, unconditional cash on a biweekly basis.

The first phase of the Bridge Project will provide either $500 or $1,000 a month to 100 low-income mothers living in Inwood/Washington Heights and Harlem. The program hopes to launch future phases throughout various neighborhoods and boroughs to support mothers and their babies and alleviate child poverty across New York City.

...but we want to answer a few additional questions:

Can a guaranteed income targeted at mothers improve their babies’ social, emotional, and mental development and well-being?

For a city like New York City, what level of guaranteed income provides recipients and their babies with the strongest financial, social, and developmental outcomes?

Does the provision of additional services and resources encourage low-income families to take advantage of them, and are outcomes necessarily greater for those who do?


We’re working with a team that is deeply embedded in our Northern Manhattan community and its rich and diverse culture and heritage...

With multiple sites across both Washington Heights and Harlem, Children’s Aid helps children in poverty succeed and thrive by providing comprehensive supports to babies, children, youth, and their families.

The Harlem Children’s Zone aims to end intergenerational poverty in Central Harlem by breaking the cycle with on-the-ground, all-around programming that builds up children and families to thrive in school, work, and life.

Nido de Esperanza invests in Washington Heights mothers during the first 1,000 days of their babies’ lives by providing early and frequent interventions, a strong community, and a multigenerational approach.

The Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation (NMIC) offers Upper Manhattan residents free services across housing, education and career services, benefits and finance, immigration, and social services.

…and that brings expertise and passion to providing economic mobility solutions to marginalized communities.

The Center for Guaranteed Income Research (CGIR) is an applied research center housed at the University of Pennsylvania and specializing in cash-transfer research, evaluation, pilot design, and narrative change.

Community Financial Resources (CFR) promotes economic justice and fairness by providing financial inclusion solutions based on the latest research, backed by financial industry partners, and delivered by organizations representing the communities they serve.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta runs an initiative to conduct research on the benefits cliff, develop an interactive tool that assists stakeholders in understanding the interactions between guaranteed income and public assistance support, and improve economic security for families.

Leap Fund creates products that empower optimism, financial and career growth, future planning, and security for working families that need it most by finding, bridging, and eliminating the benefits cliff.